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q&a about Kala

Q: I've been working to do at least Kabaza, Ha, and Kala every few days but I've grown quite frustrated with it all, mostly because I feel like I don't understand it. From what I gather, it's the combination of the syllable and earth energy one draws up that awakens each of the three selves. Is that right? But how do you call up the earth energy? Is it just visualization? If I understand correctly, the Ha Prayer works similarly as one draw earth energy to the feet, loins, heart, and finally, God soul. Is that right? Feeling very confused and frustrated that I'm not doing any of this right, or worse, that it's just all imagination. Any thought would be greatly appreciated : )

A: but it's not just "earth energy" from outside you, it's the energy you already carry in your body and your souls. it's recognizing what's already there in each soul. the three souls/selves are there all right, but this is a wakeup call to each of them, arousing fetch from its drowsing, focusing talker which is already awake but scattered, and invoking aid from godself. you are working with what you already have. and the ha prayer works the same way. you are rooted in the earth, yes, and you recognize that. but it grows upward as a flower grows, from the roots, through the stem, bringing forth the leaves so the plant can breathe, and then sending the breath to the heavenly flower (that same flower which "is above me"). without the earth it couldn't be done. but without the seed, which is YOU, and the water, which is practice, the earth would remain barren earth. and the "flower above me" would never bloom. THAT is the work of this god, which is also you.
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