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lemniscate [Jun. 10th, 2011|03:27 pm]
Feri Tradition Blog


Enter at the Eastern gate of the skies
Shining above the horizon
Just below her birth stool.
Born of Rosette Diamonds

Are Hir Consorts --
Two heavenly bodies:
As stars they appear.
Lusty looking youths
drawn by affection to one another,
A brilliant pair of blue-green brothers.

Exactly alike, functioning as a pair,
And Both at Once.

Prominent feature of the early evening,
Seen in the great mirror,
Spring and Winter--

Summer and fall--
Seasons combine to yet

Accentuate the individuality of these two chiefs
Alternately approaching and receding
Revolving around one another

Like a swarm of bees.
Benignly set to keep a protecting watch upon the worlds

Quivering of misty light.
The bewitching song of the poets tongue

Is the living flesh of these heavenly bodies.
Their breath is mine to calm the mind.

Two Serpents with naked eyes
And fiery bodies

Whirling with great speed.
They twine, bend, and coil
Tightly upon each other,
Rising like a battle of light through the cracks and

Reaching for that red Rose kiss.
Bringing refreshing truths,
Brilliant in their persistence,

Low and clear they
Spread their great wings of health
Dropping medicine to the sick.
Down into the waters of the earth,

Along their path by the stones of fire,
A fine sweep that wins.

They are Hir First born:

The Great Divine Twins.

Cody La Font