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Shapeshifter Feri Basic Distance class starting soon~ [Apr. 1st, 2012|05:06 pm]
Feri Tradition Blog



Distance Classes with

Jenya T. Beachy

Shapeshifter Feri:  Basic Training

Shapeshifter Feri is a Witchcraft tradition that focuses first on

Self-Knowledge, Self-Healing and Self-Possession.

We strive to engage and align our

Animal, Human and Divine natures,

That we may live in accordance

with our own True Will.

We follow the cycle of the seasons,

Honor the Divine as immanent and many-natured,

And seek Beauty as a clue to where Truth lies.

We will talk and light candles and invoke Gods and Guardians.

We will have grand trance-journeys and wonderful adventures.

We may get scared but we will not be alone,

for our Gods are always with us.

The Journey Begins Mid-April  2012

This is not a beginning Wicca class.  One should have some significant magickal experience. 

There will be a rigorous interview process for potential students.

This is a 13 month distance class, offered through written material, video and audio recordings,

check-ins and in-depth interaction.

We use Skype and Moodle to enhance the learning experience.

Tuition for this class is $75-100/month, sliding scale. Scholarships or work-trades may be available.

Class size will be limited.

Contact Jenya at jenyaloves@live.com for more info.

Jenya is a Mother, Lover, Reader, Writer, Rootworker, Preacher and Teacher,

Playing on the boundaries between the Forest and the Ocean in Santa Cruz, California. 

A student of the Craft for nearly 25 years, Jenya is the originator of  the Shapeshifter Line of Feri Tradition.

Fey magick is her first love, the dark wild passion of the Bard, and

she seeks to live according to her own Divine Will and help others do the same.