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Musings beneath the Mound...

News, Announcements, and Sharing around the Feri tradition of witchcraft

Feri Tradition Blog
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A community for seekers, students, and initiates centered around the Feri tradition of witchcraft.

F(a)eri(e), at its core is an initiatory mystery tradition of modern Witchcraft passed down from the teachings of Victor and Cora Anderson, Gwydion Pendderwen, and those initiated in a lineage tracing back to them. ‘Feri’ or ‘Faery’ is a rich and diverse spiritual practice encompassing shamanic practices and specific exercises of meditation and energy work. Although a highly personal path, it has old and strange roots reaching into other lands and influences such as Huna, Afro-centered spirituality,, Celtic symbolism, Tantric mysticism, Middle-Eastern gnosis, ecstatic practice, and draws from realms of art and folklore. While the core of our tradition is a mystery, that must be experienced to be realized, certain aspects of Faery practice are presented for the community, of Feri Practitioners and the world at large.

The purpose of this forum is to promote discussion about the Feri tradition of Witchcraft and how it plays out in our lives. In this space, people discuss and often debate ideas of importance to them, sometimes quite passionately. While it is perfectly acceptable to have strong opinions, personal attacks are NOT acceptable. Respect for everyone here is a condition for membership. When you post, please remember that you are potentially communicating with several thousand people (as unlocked entries of this community are embedded in our website over at FeriTradition.com) so please judge your words accordingly. Participants who are overly rude will be warned and potentially banned. Flaming will not be tolerated.

While all permutations and lines of the Feri tradition are honored here, by nature of being a public forum it is unavoidable that we will end up dealing with some material that is potentially "secret" (or at least "intimate") to someone else. While we will make every effort to discourage the posting of material that falls under most understandings of "core initiatory material", there is quite a range of other material that some people consider to be secret that others do not. It is likely that at least some of this other material will be discussed here. If this is going to be a problem for you then we respectfully suggest that you do not participate.

- Storm Faerywolf

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